Different strokes TONY BROOKS, PGA
Some of the best short game players use a putting stroke when chipping from the fringe. If you have a tough time getting the ball close to the hole from this distance, this method could be for you, but it...
Get on a roll JEFF JONES, PGA
Improper speed is the primary reason for 3-putts, with my years of instruction showing me that five, 10, 15 and 20 steps are the most common distances a golfer will face.
Andy Gaither talks - and teaches - a good game MICHAEL LEDNOVICH
Andy Gaither is an ardent student of golf’s mechanics, so it’s hardly odd to see the teaching pro at Black Gold Golf Club spending hours discussing the elements of the swing with anyone...
One good turn GEOFF MURTHA
The concept of turning around your spine sounds simple but can be difficult to do with a golf club in hand.
Stepping out ERIC LOHMAN, PGA
Several factors determine whether your drives will go long and straight or short and crooked.
Group therapy GLENN DECK, PGA
Golf is a family game that can last a lifetime if you make it fun. Besides its recreational value, the game also provides a number of lessons your children can benefit from as they transition to adulthood.
Plane talk: An alignment rod drill can get your club on the right path ZACH ALLEN, PGA
One of the simplest visuals I give my students, especially on the course, is the thought of returning the golf club to its original angle at address.
Circling back: A little baby powder can get you on the right track to a better downswing GEOFF MURTHA
Bad shots are often caused by an out-to-in swing with the club taking an ineffective route to left field. This typically results in a dead pull or weak slice.
Get a rock solid swing NICK JANKOWSKI, PGA
The sensation of skipping stones on the water can lead to better mechanics and a smoother motion.