Off the wall CODY CARTER
There are exercises that work certain parts of the body and exercises that are a total body experience. The Kneeling Medicine Ball Chest Pass falls into the latter category and is a great way to tone up,...
Squeeze play DAVE MARR, PGA
A bit of instruction that is often overlooked is the importance of using the ground to help golfers hit the ball farther. In every sport I’ve studied, professional athletes maximize their leverage...
Moving forward GEOFF MURTHA
If you frequently hit behind the ball with your irons, try these simple drills:
Home remedy TONY BROOKS, PGA
Sometimes the best practice comes when you’re not at a practice facility, so I provide my students with drills to do at their home or office. Most have a busy lifestyle with families and work and,...
Pointed advice SETH GLASCO, PGA
I’ve worked with juniors Michael Sarro (right-hander) and Adam Chan (lefty) the past year. While they have different learning styles, both came to me with poor alignment.
Balancing act JOE SIMONDS, PGA
I think of the golf swing as a circular motion with the face of the club, so it’s important to feel the face and be aware of its position and direction on the backswing and downswing.
One of the fun aspects about Manele Golf Course at Four Seasons Resorts Lanai is the variety of shots and options around the greens. Since most of the grass is mowed at a very low height here it’s...
Different strokes TONY BROOKS, PGA
Some of the best short game players use a putting stroke when chipping from the fringe. If you have a tough time getting the ball close to the hole from this distance, this method could be for you, but it...
Get on a roll JEFF JONES, PGA
Improper speed is the primary reason for 3-putts, with my years of instruction showing me that five, 10, 15 and 20 steps are the most common distances a golfer will face.
Andy Gaither talks - and teaches - a good game MICHAEL LEDNOVICH
Andy Gaither is an ardent student of golf’s mechanics, so it’s hardly odd to see the teaching pro at Black Gold Golf Club spending hours discussing the elements of the swing with anyone...