What a kick CORE ROSS
When Callaway Golf launched the Chrome Soft ball a year ago, it dubbed it as “the ball that changed the ball.” Callaway doubled down on that sentiment with Truvis technology, a soccer-style...
Building blocks AL PETERSEN
National surveys show that close to 90 percent of amateur golfers play with clubs that aren’t fitted. Even though the fitting trend is becoming more popular, the concept is still foreign to many...
Irons are important for scoring, so if you'd like to score some new sticks this year that are touted to improve your game, here are few options to consider:
Launch party
Today's drivers are all about aerodynamics, faster swing speeds, higher launches and longer distances. Of course, you have to hit them right to get the benefits. But if you're looking for a new driver and...
Flying high SCOTT GORYL
Callaway has taken its line of XR16 drivers and fairway woods to a new stratosphere this year by working with Boeing to redefine what’s possible with ball speed and aerodynamics.
Rolling along JORY MENDES
TaylorMade’s new OS and OS CB putter lines have an expanded sweet spot and improved alignment system. The OS models feature slightly larger head sizes than traditional putters while also delivering...
Ready for launch
TaylorMade has released its 2016 golf ball lineup that’s highlighted by the new Tour Preferred X, Tour Preferred and Project (a). Here’s a breakdown:
Back in the game
Callaway has brought back its Great Big Bertha Driver that it’s touting as the next frontier in driver design:
No sport has delved into technology or flooded the market with more products in the past decade than golf. From balls and clubs to apparel and other items in and out of your bag, technology is everywhere....
A fitting conclusion AL PETERSEN
Monica Stratton has been a golf instructor for 15 years and a clubfitter for eight. Blending the skills makes sense since a person’s swing should match their equipment. Or is it the other way around?