A fitting conclusion AL PETERSEN
Monica Stratton has been a golf instructor for 15 years and a clubfitter for eight. Blending the skills makes sense since a person’s swing should match their equipment. Or is it the other way around?
Coming to grips ERIC TRACY
Golf equipment is big business. Really big, as in billions of dollars and multinational corporations owning many of the major players.
Dave Musty carving a niche in the putter world GREG MELLEN
If your putter is smoking one day – literally smoking – there's a chance you have one of David Musty's custom flat sticks. Among his many putters with their exotic wood heads, Musty designed...
Just when you're used to your clubs, here comes more! AL PETERSEN
We live in a world of acronyms, 140 characters and head-scratching phrases, but only golf manufacturers, marketers and club geeks know about MOI, COG, ARC, spin rate, launch angle, face flex, Smart Pads,...
Adams sees need for speed DAVE CORDERO
The manufacturer's new hybrid iron set is designed for players with slower swing tempos.
Nike eyes a Vapor trail BETH GAST
The company's latest line of drivers, fairways and hybrids are designed with speed and accuracy in mind.
Callaway upgrades its big idea SCOTT GORYL
A familiar Callaway line gets high-tech improvements throughout the bag.