The right direction RANDY YOUNGMAN
An overlooked and sometimes ignored sibling has emerged from the shadow of her more famous and photographed sister.
Picking Orange County’s best 18 holes is a difficult list to narrow down, let alone compile. I’ve played every public and private championship course in the county several times – some...
IE/Coachella Valley JUDD SPICER
Taking your game to the next level often means stepping up to challenging courses, which is where the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley come into play. While sure to prompt debate, I arrived at my...
San Diego County COREY ROSS
Selecting the top 18 holes in San Diego County should be a dream assignment, but when you’ve got a region full of great golf courses – nearly 90 in all – it can be tough. So even though...
Los Angeles County MIKE JAMES
This collection of holes in L.A. County represents several of the aspects that make up good golf courses. The criteria varied from hole to hole; some are here for their esthetics, some for difficulty,...
Staying power RANDY YOUNGMAN
In the beginning, it was called Irvine Coast Country Club.
Lay of the land JUDD SPICER
It's nearly 10 o'clock at Mullins Bar & Grill at Half Moon Bay Golf Links, and the twinkle in Robert Trent Jones Jr.'s eye reflects off his nightcap.
Staying the course AL PETERSEN
Favorite child. Favorite hole. Favorite employee. Ask a parent, golf course operator or business owner about one of those and the stock answer of being impossible to choose is often the reply.
Saving the way KAREN MORAGHAN
Renovation work at Los Robles Greens in Thousand Oaks has resulted in a more environmentally pleasing and economically sustainable golf course.
Twice as nice RANDY YOUNGMAN
The Southern California Section of the PGA of America found a new home several months ago: Industry Hills Golf Club at Pacific Palms Resort.