Narrow your focus if aiming to improve JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
Golfers could do well to watch a skilled marksman as he prepares to shoot. The marksman sees the concentric circles of the bulls-eye but doesn’t stop there as he keeps narrowing the focus until...
Many in area assist others through golf AL PETERSEN
Golf is considered a solitary sport, but oftentimes it brings people together. Not just in foursomes but by the hundreds to raise millions of dollars for thousands of people who need assistance in ways...
Truck on up to Truckee for great golf RANDY YOUNGMAN
It’s time to let all Southland golfers in on a secret that my Orange County golf buddies and I have been taking advantage of every summer for more than a decade.
Only Woods has solution to his problems JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
I’ve been watching Tiger Woods since he was 5 years old. The majority of what I’ve seen has been really impressive. Lately, however, that’s not the case.
Fowler lets actions do his talking RANDY YOUNGMAN
No wonder PGA Tour pros branded Rickie Fowler as The Most Overrated Player in Golf in an anonymous survey conducted by Sports Illustrated that was published last month before The Players Championship.
Swing thoughts are great, as long as the pupil is thinking straight AL PETERSEN
I don’t fish, but I do a lot of casting. Unfortunately, it’s with my golf clubs, meaning that my over-the-top swing can produce wayward shots in all directions.
First Tee of OC staff aims to be visual aids for blind students AL PETERSEN
Keep your eye on the ball. Any kid who has played baseball, golf or one of several other sports has heard that phrase a time or two.
Just when you're used to your clubs, here comes more! AL PETERSEN
We live in a world of acronyms, 140 characters and head-scratching phrases, but only golf manufacturers, marketers and club geeks know about MOI, COG, ARC, spin rate, launch angle, face flex, Smart Pads,...
Some golfers and products made for each other RANDY YOUNGMAN
When it comes to marketing and endorsement ideas, perfect pairings often make dollars and sense.
Forward thinking needed AL PETERSEN
Golf can – and should – do more to make women feel welcome.