A ringing endorsement? RANDY YOUNGMAN
When the decision was made in 2009, it seemed like a great idea to bring golf back to the Olympics.
Border lore AL PETERSEN
Golf in Los Cabos has come a long way since Jack Nicklaus designed his first course there – Palmilla – in 1992. The once rural area known primarily for its party atmosphere and deep-sea...
Good and ready JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
I often get asked by people about the best ways to prepare for a round of golf. Whether it’s competitive or your weekly get-together with buddies, there are several things to keep in mind to get...
Safe and sound AL PETERSEN
Randy Chang would like to infuse a healthy dose of reality into today’s junior golf instruction. No pain, no gain has no shot in his vernacular. In fact, it’s the swings kids are emulating or...
Sliding scale RANDY YOUNGMAN
The only appearance Tiger Woods made at Augusta National last month was to attend the past champions dinner during Masters week, which seemed appropriate, sadly so, because tour players are beginning to...
Fitting conclusion AL PETERSEN
If you’re a golf club geek, you probably know about MOI, COR, COG and all of the other acronyms associated with new sticks and the promise of longer and straighter shots.
Target practice JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
I coach nine professional players, and one thing I’ve discovered is that all of them play golf a different way – meaning that if I taught them all the same way they wouldn’t be as good...
Masterful moment RANDY YOUNGMAN
Thirty years ago, in the week leading up to the 50th Masters, Jack Nicklaus was pronounced dead before arrival at Augusta National.
I’ve been coaching golfers for a long time, and one of the things I now realize about human behavior is that people often can’t distinguish between good and bad habits.
Staying power AL PETERSEN
One of my better tee shots recently felt great and looked good … until the ball got lost in the low sun and then simply got lost.