Basic instincts JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
When I go to golf tournaments or watch an event on TV, I often wonder if the average viewer understands what he or she is watching. Regarding appropriate lines and movements, let me help with that:
Hitting it off RANDY YOUNGMAN
“Good morning, Mr. Youngman. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play three Tom Fazio-designed courses in Orange County on the same day before summer’s extended daylight ends....
If Ben Hogan liked to hone his swing out of the dirt, it’s a good bet that many of today’s players like to work on their games by swinging a club and then swiping a finger across the screen of...
Golf yoga instructor wants to stretch your mind ... and body AL PETERSEN
I consider myself to be a fairly flexible person and typically do some type of stretching each day. Then I went to Monarch Beach Golf Links to meet yoga instructor Shilah Sarkissian and learned about real...
Playing site of PGA Championship takes a bunker mentality RANDY YOUNGMAN
My fairway research last month took me to The Land of Cheese, my nickname for Wisconsin, where I devoured deep-fried cheddar cheese curds for the first time and then was devoured by the Straits Course at...
Keeping it loose ERIC TRACY
Before fitness and therapy trucks were mainstays at PGA Tour stops, San Diego’s Roger Fredericks was ahead of the curve.
Narrow your focus if aiming to improve JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
Golfers could do well to watch a skilled marksman as he prepares to shoot. The marksman sees the concentric circles of the bulls-eye but doesn’t stop there as he keeps narrowing the focus until...
Many in area assist others through golf AL PETERSEN
Golf is considered a solitary sport, but oftentimes it brings people together. Not just in foursomes but by the hundreds to raise millions of dollars for thousands of people who need assistance in ways...
Truck on up to Truckee for great golf RANDY YOUNGMAN
It’s time to let all Southland golfers in on a secret that my Orange County golf buddies and I have been taking advantage of every summer for more than a decade.
Only Woods has solution to his problems JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
I’ve been watching Tiger Woods since he was 5 years old. The majority of what I’ve seen has been really impressive. Lately, however, that’s not the case.