The skinny on fat AL PETERSEN
In today’s world of high-tech wizardry, losing weight or staying fit goes way beyond the numbers on a scale. OMG. Get the calculator out. (Too old school? Sorry.)
If you think it’s difficult to get your point across in 140 characters on Twitter, try telling a story in seven or fewer characters on your license plate.
Home on the range JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
Going to the range and simply hitting balls won’t do much to improve your shot at lower scores. For that to happen players should use their range time to practice how they’ll play on the...
Simply the best AL PETERSEN
I moved to Southern California 16 years ago for a change of scenery and, even though it was a journalism job that brought me here, the West Coast Swing played a role in the enticement.
The hole truth RANDY YOUNGMAN
January is Southland Golf’s annual Best Of issue, so I’ve put together a composite 18-hole course comprised of the best-of-the-best holes I’ve played all over the world.
Lofty goals AL PETERSEN
I’ve always found hockey players to be a fascinating bunch. The same guys who are more than eager to drop the gloves on the ice are the same ones who often extend a hand off it to those in need.
Anchoring away RANDY YOUNGMAN
There will be fewer people celebrating on New Year’s Day in 2016.
Get in the swing JAMIE MULLIGAN, PGA
Not long ago I had the opportunity to do a clinic for the PGA’s Southern California Section with renowned teaching pro Eddie Merrins, a legend of the game that has been involved with golf in several...
Rules to be broken RANDY YOUNGMAN
Golf has a lot of dumb rules. Some don’t make sense, some seem inherently unfair, and there probably are some you’re glad not even to know about.
New course of action AL PETERSEN
It took me a while to get used to the desert when I moved to Southern California from the dark soil-rich Midwest.