Cooling trend RANDY WILLIAMS
Hockey in June seems odd, but it’s showcase time for the NHL. The Stanley Cup playoffs ended too early for fans of the Kings and Ducks, but showing team pride while on the course or out on the town...
A new wrinkle AL PETERSEN
Old and new are converging this spring as Johnnie-O brings back the classic seersucker shorts and pants in what the company is calling its surfsucker line.
Golf and tennis have more in common than being individual sports. A broader appeal demographically and ethnically in addition to being apparel trendsetters have linked the two and added colorful twists on...
High hopes COREY ROSS
While the golf world continues to debate whether there’s a Big Three or Big Four, when it comes to fashion and flair, there’s really only one.
Stretching out BY RANDY O. WILLIAMS
It’s nice living in the Southland and wearing shorts a lot, but when the agenda calls for more formal wear it’s good to know what’s trending in trousers.
Fringe benefits MARY BETH LACY
In a crowded golf apparel world, name recognition is huge. The leadership at Carnoustie Sportswear is hip, so the company sports the moniker of an iconic Scottish course and updates styles and fabrics...
Serve and protect MARY BETH LACY
With its north of the border base, Sunice isn’t as much of a household name in the U.S. as it is in Canada. But the top-ranked Canadian golf outerwear brand is starting to get more name recognition...
Simply adorable MARY BETH LACY
Creators of the Antigua brand of lifestyle and golf apparel have kept things stylishly simple with its spring Women’s Performance Collection.
A lasting impression RANDY O. WILLIAMS
A button-down shirt, navy blazer, jeans and penny loafers are core components of an enduring casual style for American men. While some find it static, the classic ensemble remains popular because of the...
Passion statement RANDY O. WILLIAMS
Enjoying a round of golf followed by hosting or attending a Super Bowl party is possible in the Southland and one of the reasons we love to live here.