Thoughts that count RANDY O. WILLIAMS
How is it that time of year again? Shopping for your golf buddy or special duffer in your life can sometimes be more agonizing than shanking your drive on No. 18 that spoiled your shot at a record round.
Baggage claims RANDY O. WILLIAMS
Even if your holiday travel doesn’t include golf, having functional gear and bags along for the ride might help reduce the stress.
Fit to be tried RANDY O. WILLIAMS
Whether or not you're a gym rat or get your kicks on the trails, the active sports apparel market is booming, with reports showing that Americans spend about $36 billion a year on their gear.
The ascension of watches from simple timepieces to fashion accessories and high-tech do-it-alls has been occurring at a mile a minute. Or so it seems. There are as many choices of styles and technical...
Golf is challenging enough without having to constantly tug at your shorts because they’re riding up or damp with sweat during the hotter times of year.
Hidden benefits HAL QUINN
Sunglasses can serve many purposes, from fashion statement to vision protection and eye health. Who knew?
Seeing is believing RANDY O. WILLIAMS
Golfers often go to great lengths to get an edge, but while the focus is primarily on clubs and balls, sunglasses are beginning to play a role as well.
Setting sales BY JAMIE LOBEL
19th Hole Swag can’t cut strokes off your game but the website could trim a few dollars off your golf wardrobe budget.
Cotton pickin' RANDY O. WILLIAMS
Cotton’s durability and flexibility make it the most popular fabric for apparel in the U.S. But with golf in a synthetic fabric cycle, certain manufacturers are hoping to regain some market space by...
Black and white sets the tone RANDY O. WILLIAMS
In a time of more colorful golf apparel, those two hues remain the most popular and versatile choice for players.