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Top instructor touts Swing Coach Club

Top instructor touts Swing Coach Club

The Swing Coach Club is designed to give users the feel for proper tempo and release.
Courtesy Swing Coach Club

Dean Reinmuth thinks a new training aid will be sweet music to golfers looking to improve their swing mechanics.

Best known as Phil Mickelson’s former coach and one of Golf Channel’s featured instructors, Reinmuth says too many golfers get hung up on positions in the golf swing instead of feeling the correct motion.

“A thought is not a feeling. Golf is played with feeling,” Reinmuth said during a recent demonstration of the Swing Coach Club at Tustin Ranch Golf Course. “You take certain thoughts in a sequence of order and create a feeling from them, like notes in music create a song.”

Reinmuth touts the Swing Coach Club as a way for golfers to learn why they’re hitting sour notes – and shots – in their swing.

“I don’t endorse products that don’t work or aren’t fundamentally sound in helping golfers who invest their money in them,” Reinmuth said about his first foray in the swing aid market. “Ben Hogan said the ultimate judge of the golf swing is the ball itself. That’s the concept behind the Swing Coach Club. It’s based on Hogan’s fundamental of the downswing motion of the side-armed throw, like a shortstop in baseball throwing to first base.”

That side-armed motion is contrary to what most golfers do in their swings.

“Most golfers want to ‘hit’ the ball. Now we’re back at that thought process. That’s not the key to a good golf swing,” Reinmuth said. “What makes the pros so much different than the average golfer is they think swing and then feel swing. They accelerate smoothly, and the ball gets in the way.”

The Swing Coach Club features a driver-shaped head with a cradle in the face that holds the ball in place. When swung, the force of acceleration releases the ball from the cradle toward the target.

“If you have a casting swing or a swing that surges too early – that means you’re too quick – the ball comes out low and to the right,” Reinmuth said. “If you swing outside in, like most golfers I see, you’ll release it too late and the ball goes way out to the left.”

But when the proper dynamics of tempo, arc and acceleration are in place, the ball travels straight and high.

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