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REALiTEE Golf concept is about to get real

REALiTEE Golf concept is about to get real

Dave Schulz of Anaheim is excited that his vision for REALiTEE Golf is about to become a reality this year.
Courtesy REALiTEE

REALiTEE Golf will become a reality this year. The indoor golf concept, created by Dave Shultz of Anaheim, has a venture partner in the Lummi Nation Indian tribe and a location at Silver Reef Hotel Casino and Spa in Ferndale, Wash., that’s scheduled to open before the end of 2017.

Shultz started shopping his concept in February 2016 at the Golf Industry Show in San Diego and considered several locations before finding a fit with Lummi Nation.

“They had been interested in the golf entertainment world and took the step of hiring a business development resource to look for emerging opportunities like this,” Shultz said. “When they saw we were doing something this innovative, they jumped on it. It really resonated with them. They had even considered buying an actual golf course but chose this because of its unique approach as an entertainment and real golf solution.”

REALiTEE Golf re-creates the golf experience through simulators and green complexes in a live play area that allows shots of up to 40 yards. The concept will launch with four simulators and nine flagsticks that can accommodate 18-hole rounds through a variety of short-game scenarios. The 10,000-square-foot space will also have a second-level sports bar to add the social element to the golf experience Shultz wants to provide, and there will be three gaming modes: free play, tournament and scramble, which will have handicap-weighted shots.

Robert Trent Jones II has signed on to design the course, and TruGolf will provide the simulators. There will also be a large video wall that can, among other things, display destination courses around the world.

Shultz said the venue’s capacity of 150 will allow it to accommodate several foursomes a day since an 18-hole round should take 90 minutes or less. He equates REALiTEE Golf to putting golf in an arena and as an alternate way to play the game.

“It’s like what UFC is to boxing,” he said, “and it fits golf like a glove.”

The technology makes the game progressive, but Shultz said purists like the concept because it has a real-golf element to it. Among those to compliment the approach is John Daly, who Shultz met at the PGA Show in Orlando in January.

“John wants to see the game thrive and survive as much as anybody,” Shultz said, “and he thought our concept sounded awesome.”

That the Pacific Northwest will host the first location is fitting to Shultz, who was stationed there in the military and remembers that the unpredictable weather didn’t dampen the spirit of avid golfers.

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