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Target practice

To hit shots with good trajectory, this fun drill will get you on track

Target practice

Putting a paper target between two alignment sticks will give you a good trajectory target to hit in order to hit penetrating shots with your irons.
Shanda Venneau, Southland Golf

Have you ever been to a golf clinic where the pro hits a ball through glass? Looks like fun, right?

You can have some, too, by creating a similar experience that, in turn, is a great drill to work on compression and start line. Here’s how to do it:

Put two alignment sticks in the ground and tape a piece of paper between them. I use a printout of a target but you can do what you like.

To determine the proper distance between you and the target, imagine what angle the ball will come off of your club. (Here, I’m using an 8-iron.) Place the back of the clubface on the ground and check the angle of the shaft. That’s the ball’s ideal trajectory if struck correctly.

If you hit the ball in the middle of the face and it’s square, the ball should go through the paper. If you hit the ball over the target, you might be scooping the ball with an open face. If so, close the clubface a bit and pretend you’re trying to hit underneath the target. You might be surprised how powerfully the ball rockets off the face.

For variety, use the same lofted club but move the target farther away to make it a drill for controlling trajectory in the wind or for shots under tree limbs.

O’Neill Cowan, PGA, is an assistant golf professional at Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. He can be reached at the course at (951) 274-7900.

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