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A Bear's necessity

Former Chicago linebacker Brian Urlacher can't play enough golf

A Bear's necessity

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher plays as much golf as possible these days, whether at home in Chicago or Scottsdale or at charity or celebrity events.
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Brian Urlacher used to crush opponents when playing linebacker for the Chicago Bears. But golf balls? Not so much. Apparently the former Monster of the Midway is more about precision than power when on the fairways.

“I actually don’t hit the ball a long way, at least by today’s standards,” Urlacher said. “My short game is pretty good, though. That’s what saves most of my rounds.”

As a 2.8 handicapper, most of those rounds are pretty good, and Urlacher likes to stay active in the game as much as possible. His friendship with Kevin Streelman of the PGA Tour was a big reason why Urlacher was involved with Wilson Golf’s “Driver vs. Driver” competition on Golf Channel. With Streelman playing Wilson equipment and the company based in Chicago, where Urlacher has a home, the fit seemed good even though most viewers probably wouldn’t associate the eight-time Pro Bowler with golf.

“I’m a golf junkie, so I’ll walk into a store and if you tell me this equipment will help me improve I’ll buy it,” he said. “I’m hooked. I love this stuff. So I was supposed to come from the point of view of the consumer and the amateur when judging the products. I had a lot of fun.”

Urlacher, who was at the Roger Dunn Superstore in Santa Ana in late November for the final airing of the show, took a few minutes before getting in front of the camera to answer a few questions about his new sport of choice.

Q: How long have you been playing golf?

I started in 2001 and have played a whole bunch the last four or five years.

Q: Were you with the Bears when you started?

My first year with Chicago was 2000. I tried playing golf in college but it was too expensive.

Q: What are your strengths?

It depends what’s going on that day. I don’t hit the ball that far, and I have a fade with my driver but yank my irons. It’s so weird. I chip and putt pretty well.

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