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Stay on top of your game at charity events

Stay on top of your game at charity events

Making sure that your charity tournament guests win prizes and have fun will keep them coming back for more.
Shanda Venneau, Southland Golf

Having a blueprint for what works before, during and after a charity event will help your group stay on top of its game.

Few charity golf tournaments are held in the winter, making this an ideal time for planning an event in 2017 that will be efficiently managed and memorable for participants.

So, how well do you know your market, sponsors and courses? In conjunction with Golf Tournament Association of America research and my experience at more than 600 charity events, here’s a primer to enlighten you and your committee as you make your tournament plans:


Companies typically don’t sponsor events solely to support a charity, so forge a bond and relationship with those you seek to help. Your committee and board of directors are the most important elements in attracting sponsors, so make sure they’re versed on effective ways to bring them on board.


The budget and how a sponsor and guests were treated are key factors to whether they’ll be back next year or not. You can't control your sponsor’s budget but you can control their experience. Do something special, such as a VIP breakfast, and let the sponsor and guests know how much they’re appreciated.


Relationships are also the primary reason golfers play in these events. A buddy asks them, plain and simple, so don't waste time posting flyers or scurrying for high-tech ways to reach a certain database. Golfers play because they were asked to by a client or friend; making an event memorable definitely helps in that regard.


When it comes to tee gifts, it’s a good bet that most of your golfers have enough shirts, hats and towels, so be more creative in what you give out. Think function and practicality, or something they’ll actually use on a frequent or daily basis.

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