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Proper ball position is crucial for launching long and straight tee shots

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After standing with your heels touching, move your back foot to the right in order to be in optimal launch mode.
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Inconsistent and incorrect ball position with the driver often leads to loss of distance and accuracy.

Here’s a simple way to find consistent ball position with your driver:

Begin your setup by forming a “V” with your right and left heels touching and your toes pointed out at a 30-degree angle. Now put the ball in the middle of the “V.” If you’d like, I sometimes set a club on the ground with the shaft pointing away from my students and toward the ball to help them visual the proper placement.

Take a step to your right with your trail foot to where both feet are just past should width apart. You’re now in a perfect position to launch longer drives and have taken the first step to finding more fairways and gaining bragging rights in your group.

John Ray Leary, PGA, is director of instruction at JRL GOLFat Angeles National Golf Club in Los Angeles. He can be reached at (818) 671-4555 or john@jrlgolf.com.

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